Kristin + Chris

I have the best job in the world... and today was no exception. In fact, it was quite the reminder of how fortunate I am to do what I love and work with such great people on a regular basis. Fabulous! Here's a sneak peek for you guys. Enjoy!

Kristin's dress... I LOVE this shot!

The "getting ready" room was a small corner of the choir loft. It was kind of a dark, tight squeeze, but this mirror made great things possible!

Here's Chris awaiting his princess...

This is a new all-time fave!


Another all-time fave! The motion of her dress in this shot is crazy fun.

This is Brian. He was a blast to work with. If you're getting married and are looking for a videographer, check him out! Here he is filming and holding Kristin's bouquet at the same time. Go Brian!

Some family shots... They were actually posing for the bride's sister's camera... but I couldn't help myself. :) I love the exploding laughter in this one.

It seemed as though between every shot, Chris would disappear. Then we found out the reason... he couldn't get enough of these sandwiches. :) So this time, he brought it with him....

Look at these characters! Grandpas are so cute!

A little bridesmaid bouquet action to wrap up the sneak peek...

Guys, that was absolutely fabulous. Thank you so much for having me as part of your day. Have fun in Jamaica!

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