Lance + Mandy

I first met Lance and Mandy quite some time ago when Lance called to ask me about photographing their wedding. (Yes! It was HE who called!) We met over at the Blend (Lance's mom runs it.... great place... incredible sandwhiches!). The first thing that struck me about both of them is their incredible sweetness towards each other and everyone else.

Here's Mandy diving into her dress.

I think they thought I was nuts when I suggested they trot out to this location for a few shots... (they had quite a steep hill to climb down, and subsequently.... back up), but the colors are worth it! Love it!

Mandy surprised Lance when she put on her custom embroidered sneakers. They have their wedding date stitched along the side of the heel.... and they were bright orange, of course, for Halloween!

When Mandy entered the back of the room, it was touching to see two of her brothers walking her down the aisle. She got part way down, then switched to her other two brothers who escorted her the rest of the way. I love personal touches and unique expressions of love like that!

Check out this incredibly carved pumpkin - wow!

Thanks so much for letting me be part of your special day guys! Best wishes and congratulations!