Love & a Vintage Airplane

I've had the idea for an engagement session with a vintage airplane rolling around in my head for quite awhile and was waiting for the right time/opportunity/couple when I met with Amy and Adam and knew they were a perfect match. Not only are they fun, up for anything and utterly adorable... but their wedding reception is set to take place at the Strategic Air Command museum so airplanes were already part of their theme! Next came wardrobe scouting, lining up the make-up artist/hair stylist (thank you Casey!), and crossing my fingers that I could find the right plane! (Just because I had the idea doesn't mean I had the plane!) I struck gold when I was put in touch with Stacy who not only contacted the plane's owner to get permission for us to borrow it, but also gave up part of her Sunday night to come out to the airfield with her two kiddos to make sure everything went OK (seriously... I'm sending something special with your name on it!).

The wind was nothing short of fierce (at one point it ripped my lighting umbrella not only off my lightstand, but tore the fabric off the skeleton and sent the whole thing blowing down the runway!), but I'm pretty stoked with what we got!

Flying forward, February will be here before you know it! :)