Love Shoot: Abby + Mike

Look at these two love pups.... are they sweet, or what? We happened to be shooting on one of the most windy and cold days yet this year.... and from the looks of them, you'd never even know! Way to go you two!

I *love* the laugh action in this one!

I love to create drama in images. Sometimes it's an expression. Sometimes, a movement or wardrobe piece. Sometimes, it's the scene itself. The sky in this one certainly doesn't disappoint!

Wah? Is it just me, or does this not even look like it was shot here. Seattle or San Fran, perhaps?

Luvin' the casualness....

When I render an image in black and white, it's not on a whim. It's after careful consideration of tonal values. This image, for instance, screamed at me to convert to bw! :)


Christmas lights are always fun!

Sometimes, the wind cooperates just right.... I love hair that frames the eyes! :)

You two definitely deserve a gold medal for rockin' out on such a cold and WINDY day! A perfect 10! :)