Love Shoot: Christine + Ben | Omaha Wedding Photographer

It started in the most unlikely (but classicly proven!) of places..... a bar. He liked the odds, she liked the atmosphere. They both liked each other. :) What started in a neighborhood bar, is preparing to take this lovely duo to a new city--yet to be determined as hopeful job assignments hang in the balance of what is yet to come. What an exciting (but understandably nerveracking) place to be!

I don't know if I can reveal Ben's career aspirations (confidentiality?) but they are exciting to say the least. These two will be hanging on for quite the ride! Luckily, I caught up with them in Omaha for their engagement session on what was a cold, hazy day. They were great sports and happily put up with frozen fingers and cold toes! Thanks guys!

I think this is just plain adorable. Look at how Ben looks at her! Ca-yute!

In front of the bar that started it all... The Green Onion. I {heart} the coy look on Christine's face here!

Great job you two! I'm looking forward to photographing your wedding next fall... it will be here before we know it!