Love Shoot : Heart Safari

On a tip from a friend, we headed out to find the elusive 'heart' rumored to be gracing the walls of a downtown alley. After much anticipation, we finally found it... and laughed our tails off when we saw how small it was. Ha ha ha! It was still quite delightful.... Thanks for the tip Kevin. :)

Whoa! That is one HUGE heart!

Perhaps Andrew should go into theatre... he seems to have a knack for it.

Lindsay could go into super modeling.... I love the energy she gives off.

Andrew's frat house. (Red door... I'm always such a sucka for those!)

OMG- Yes, those are her actual blue eyes. I am loving the intensity in her expression here. It's not always about big huge grins and giggles... I love it when clients can summon their inner calm on cue. Ha! :)

Cute toes to boot!

Again, a red door. (See what I mean?) This one has a bonus though... between them there is ANOTHER HEART! This one is white... and if you look closely, it's made up of the letters L-O-V-E skewed in such a way that it creates a heart. We were on a roll!

Again, those eyes!

You guys were rock stars! I can't wait to shoot your wedding!