Love Shoot: Heidi & JJ

I am so pumped to be shooting Heidi and JJ's wedding.... they're getting married in West Point, NE... and having done quite a few weddings up there already, I really feel like part of the family! Plus, they're getting married in December... and we'll get to shoot with a big ol' Christmas tree in the middle of main street... I am stoked!

Here's a few from their loveshoot.... I'm going to build a custom designed photo guest book for them. It will be gorgeous!

I love adding a vintage feel to these... it takes off the squeaky 'newness' of them and turns them into timeless classics.

On our way back at the end, we stopped for ice cream. Just when you thought they couldn't get any 'sweeter!' (OMG... that was a lame pun! Ha ha!)

I love this shot!