Love Shoot: Lindsey + Scott

It's only May... and I'm already so excited for October! Lindsey & Scott's big day will be here before we (they!) know it... and I'm psyched I could catch up with them for some imagery to celebrate what their big day in October will be all about.... love!

I love this one!

This light is gorgeous and goes with these two cuties like PB&J! (wha? did I really just write that!?)

Riding the tandem bike can be surprisingly tricky at first... but it's all good fun. I always tell people, if you're having a bad day or feeling down... a ride on the tandem is almost sure to make you smile! :)

Of course, we couldn't leave out the frisbee!

I LOVE this one too!

October... we're all looking forward to you! :) Thx for the fun guys.... see you again soon!