Love Shoot! Lisa + Jeremy

I met Lisa several years ago when I had the honor of photographing the weddings of a handful of her co-workers (I think 5 in total!). She and Jeremy are planning what can only be described as a delicious fall wedding in Iowa. Scheduled for September, it's taking place at a winery and making use of all the treasures of fall like... PIE! How excited am I? My mouth is watering already! :)

So, I brought along 2 balloons for some phun (photos + fun). Not 15 seconds after carefully explaining that I wanted to be really careful so as not to lose them (for environmental reasons), one of them wiggled free from the poorly tied ribbon and drifted off into the horizon. Doh! I think it worked out even better with just one... :)

Warning! Gorgeousness alert!

I think Lisa and Jeremy are the perfect example of clothes that work well for an engagement session.

1. They go together, but are not matchy matchy. 2. They look great on them and complement their skin tones/hair/eye color. 3. The clothes are comfortable and promote free movement 4. No text/logos 5. Well...  you know I love orange/reds... so.... bonus points for that. :) Ha!

Lisa & Jeremy's kids pups came along for the fun. Lucy + Gus. I spent the entire shoot trying to figure out how I could sneak the puppies home.... ;)

If you guys decide to bump your wedding up, let me know! I'm always up for more photo fun (and pie)! :)