Love Shoot: Matt & Stacie | Lincoln, Nebraska Wedding Photographer

Yay for the first love shoot (engagement photo session) of 2010! Matt & Stacie came over last week to play outside while I tagged along with my camera (always happy to be the third wheel!). The sun wrapped all three of us with a buttery-tinged yumminess that gives these images a feeling of warmth despite the wintery temperatures (and their lack of snowpants!). I'm glad they looked adorable.... it makes up for my public fashion embarrassment... decked out in snow pants, a goofy hat, and multiple mis-matched coats. Too bad we didn't snag a shot of that! Ha!

I also thought I'd experiment with a new possible blog tag.... thoughts? It's probably not 'regulation' to preview this stuff before it's finished.... but.... at that rate, it might be 2011 before I decide on stuff... (too many possibilities!) and who has time for that? Anyway, I'm all ears if you have an opinion!

I'm so in love with these shots.....

They have shoes that are as cool as they are!

Matt was so great at maintaining eye contact with the camera. Sometimes this proves a challenge for folks.... but Matt was a pro!

Fabulous job you guys. Can't wait to do your wedding photography in May!