Love Shoot: Rachael + Blake

So, Rachael is a fashion designer... and it shows. Just a little. :) She and Blake live in Colorado and made a trip home to Nebraska for a whirlwind weekend featuring all kinds of excitement, including this pho-tastic shoot! With their wedding day just under a year away... they already have plans for some pretty spectacular details. Three simple phrases and I'm already hooked: Nebraska City, big barn, September wedding. Simply put, I am stoked!

We wandered into the woods of Plymouth, Nebraska for this photo shoot... complete with antique furniture and family heirloom quilts. Rachael's parents came along to help... bringing a bowl full of *the* most enchanting smelling apples you've ever whifed in your life... It was truly unbelievable! Bath & Body Works (or your favorite brand of candle) has nothing on those babies!

How darling is this? Not to mention the 'Save the Date' banner Rachael made that's hanging behind them... love, love, love!

Then it was off to Grandmother's fields...

Of course, who could resist capping off a great shoot with some s'mores?

Job well done! :) September is going to be FABULOUS!