Megan + Nate

Megan + Nate tied the knot yesterday. I couldn't resist giving everyone a sneak peek... so here are a few quickies.... :)

Megan looking glam fab....

I have a thing for photographing make-up brushes... and these ones were pink --double bonus!

A little gettin' ready assistance.....

What snuggle bugs! (Isn't her hair beautiful?)

We got extra creative with available locations... I really like how this shot worked out. :)

Since they got married on the 29th of March, we thought this was apropos.

This is the darling ring bearer... Will. He has cute blonde hair and sweet brown eyes... what a combo! During the ceremony, after he triumphantly made it down the aisle, he climbed under the pew where I caught this image of him. (Those are his toy cars in the bottom left corner... so funny. This picture will be priceless when he grows up...)

The rings.... we can't forget those!

Here's their first dance as a married couple!

Thanks for letting me be part of your celebration you two. May your days (and nights!) be filled with love! :)