More from Nags Head Island

Just some more shots I took for fun... I love how they look!

I found this clothes line just sitting there empty, and I happened to have a couple shirts with me. So I hung 'em up and grabbed this shot.

These are Arden's shoes.

Michele and Arden posing for photos...

I guess I was on a shoe shooting spree.... These are Sara's.

Here's Arden in her fur coat. Fun!

While at Brooke's house, I saw this chair on her deck and couldn't resist.

These are Brooke's dogs.... Wheezy (not sure on the spelling!)

& Biskers.

On the drive back to our beach house, the girls were kind enough to pull over and let me shoot this. I have a thing for old gates.

The pier down the street from the Sea Foam Motel where we did our shoot earlier.