Photogirls 2008 - Cast of Characters

While at the beach house, our Internet connection was hit or miss... now that I'm home, I have some serious blog catching up to do!

We packed our gear and headed to the Sea Foam Motel to do a photoshoot of each other! What fun!

Here are all the girls in their full glory.... This is Rebecca from Rebecca Peters photography. She is a blast to hang out with, and I'm so happy she's practically a neighbor! (She lives in the Kansas City area). She's also a tech maven.... our resident computer gal. :)

This is Sara Brennan-Harrell from Whitebox Weddings. Not only is she an amazing photographer, she is also an INCREDIBLE cook. I've been trying to convince her to release a Photogirls Cookbook... we shall see.

This is Arden Ward of Arden Photography. In addition to being a fab photographer, she's a sassy stylin' diva. She brought great shoes and a fur coat to our shoot! (More images of that to come!) So fun!

This lovely gal is Melissa Jill. She is a blogging super star and a serious card game gal. You'd better be good to sit at the playing table with her! :)

This is Michele Waite. She has tons of experience and really knows her stuff. Her photos are amazing, and so is her taste in clothes! :) It was fun getting to know her.

Melanie Litchfield is such a down to earth girl... I loved talking with her! She and Sara (from Whitebox Weddings) are an amazing team. It was fascinating to see the way they work together. And they BOTH happen to be great cooks on top of being fab photogs.

I wish I had a recording of Brookey-Pant's (aka: Brooke Mayo) voice. You have to hear it in person to know how fun it is! She is such an artsy, playful, and free spirited gal. The last day we were in town, she invited us to her house for lunch and pictures of the wild mustang horses that live nearby (and regularly poo on her porch!). Amazing. Thanks so much Brooke!

This is Miss Adrienne Maples. She and Rebecca greeted me at the airport when I landed (They definitely win the award for best airport greeting!). Uber talented, she is also in the Kansas City area. I'm so happy to have met two (fabulous!) neighboring photographers. Hopefully the three of us will be able to get together somewhat more often, since we're all so close!

This is Mary Basnight.... the friendliest soul you'll ever know. I love this photo that Brooke took of her....

Jena Murray
is a saavy girl from the Seattle area who knows all kinds of useful info on practically everything! She is starting her own album company, and we wish her all the best! Go Jena! I love this shot Rebecca took of her....

Rebecca also took this shot of ME! How fun is THAT? Thanks Rebecca!