Party Wrap Up & Winners Announced!

Wow! A big fat thank you to everyone who made it to the party.... It was great to see you all! I'm serious when I say, "I have the best clients in the world!" THANK YOU!

This is a photo of the party favor folks took home with them.... I must say, I am lovin' this one! It was way too much fun to put together! (It's hard to tell in the photo... but I'm holding a real life sucker that you can pull out and enjoy! Tootsie pops... they're the BEST!)

Before the party, I was cranking out photo charms like crazy!

Here's some of the goodies that were on display....

12 lucky people won kabloom studios gift cards.... see below to find out if you won!

Patti Lintel
Carol Brandl
Tom Fletcher
Mary Elliott
Scotty Nolte
Elaine LeSage
Christina Hess
Misam Ali
Shanna Letcher
Michalla Schartz
Travis Cunningham
Jeff Yost

Congrats guys! You won either a small coffee table book OR a photo necklace... you won't know until you open your box! Let me know when you want to swing by and pick it up! :)

PS: If you enjoyed the live music, you can hear more on Kara Leigh's website. She's amazing!