They're Back!

What excitement! It was great to have a cast back in town after 12 years. The program has gone through a lot of changes since I traveled as a student... but I'm glad to see it's still the same Up With People that meant so much to me.

Here's a quick clip of when the alumni (myself included!) joined the cast on stage for the finale. What a trip! (I'm the goof ball in the stripped sweater on the right side of the screen.... and Brooke, who also traveled with me, is to the left in a black shirt.)

Carie and I traveled together as students in B97... I've only seen her once since then... until I spotted her in the crowd at the show!

Thank you Cast A08- You were a breath of fresh air!

PS: It was great to see all the young people (including some clients!) in the audience. If anyone interviewed or is interested in interviewing, let me know!