So New, She Squeaks! :)

I'm often reminded of what a beautiful thing it is to do this work I am so very much honored to do. I'm not talking about the technical craft of creating beautiful images... (though that is always fun!), but rather about the fact that the families I photograph are so willing to share with me such incredibly personal and intimate glimpses into their lives. Though I have a studio that I use when appropriate, I prefer to shoot in clients' homes. It takes the definition of 'personal' to a whole new level. I am often in clients' bedrooms, digging through their closets, moving their furniture, laundry... you name it. And I love it.

I was particularly touched by the trust this darling family extended to me. They have this lovely new addition to their family, little Kylan.... and less than 2 weeks since she entered the world...  there I am, taking over their house and invading their personal space for a couple of hours.

We talked about the delivery. Dirty diapers. Sleep schedules. You know.... girl talk stuff. Stuff you talk about with your closest of friends, not necessarily your photographer! Unless... of course..... your photographer is me. :) Kealey and I were having so much fun chatting, big sis Camryn finally interrupted asking, "Are we ever going to take pictures?????" Ha ha!

What fun it was! (You may remember this family from their recent baby belly shoot.... Camryn was too funny!)


An angel. Love that little hand under her chin....


This little cutie is such a doll...... She charms my socks off in a heart beat!


Papa Joel and his girls!


How cute is this? Kealey had mentioned to me that Camryn was upset when she heard someone refer to baby Kylan as a 'peanut.' I think this was the moment that I asked her about it. Camryn's response? "She is a butterfly!" Naturally. :)

044Thank you from my heart to yours. Congrats on your wonderfully adorable family!