Strawberry Girl

Would you believe this is the same little girl whose birth announcements these are? She's almost 2 now. Her dad had these words to describe her: "You know the movie 'The Incredibles?' That scene at the end when the kid burst into flames and runs around all over the place? That's Alaina." She's a fire cracker alright. I had a blast chasing her around last weekend when my uncle Brian surprised my aunt Theresa with a family photoshoot for Mother's Day. Sarah even flew in from Chicago to pull one over on ol' mom. :) So much fun you guys! (Brian, the bacon and eggs were d*lish!)


Here's Alaina pretty much laughing at us for even trying to convince her to go sit with the rest of the group. She's like, "Yeah right!"


Then, in a triumphant display of her independence, she happily walks off. :)


Grama had her snuggled up before she got too far!


Grampa is just plain silly!


Aunt Sarah supervises the Mr. Potato Head session... (Happy b-day Sarah! See you in Chi-Town soon!)


Grampa and Grama (aka: Uncle Brian and Aunt Theresa). They're the best!