"The Boom" + Abby= Married!

He was the kid who ran around the house in He-Mann underoos. He could melt your heart with a single glance of those big brown eyes, and always did his best to keep the peace amidst two older sisters and a kid brother. And with a nickname like 'Boomer,' how could you not love the guy? :)

Yesterday, he (my brother) married his heart.... in the form of Abby. Although his birth certificate says 'Anton,' everyone knows him as 'Tony'... a name that I think fully embodies the enormous heart he's made of.

As his oldest sister, I was proud, and honored, to capture he and Abby's special day. These are some of my favorite shots so far... ;)

Anyone and everyone who knows Tony, could recognize his laugh in an instant. He laughs with his gut, with his heart.... with his big ol' 'Boomer' soul!

It was so fun to photograph the excitement of a wedding day where my own family was part of the action! Here's my mom making sure Tony's jacket is just right. :)

Abby's dress was out-of-this-world beautiful. The embroidery on the bodice was an intricate work of art!

Here she is, about to surprise Tony with her wedding day charm!

The day was filled with a cast of all kinds of characters. These two lovebirds are my amazingly fantastic parents. I love and appreciate them more than they will ever know... and regularly thank my lucky stars that I was graced to be born to such incredible people. I love you!

(ps: people always ask if I take formals.... and of course, the answer is yes! Here's proof. ;)

Abby assembled a good looking team for her ring-bearer and flower girl.... Miss Trinity and my lil' cousin Austin. They hit it off quite well!

I couldn't resist another shot of Austin....

Abby did an amazing job with all the wedding details. Fall weddings naturally lend themselves to a warm and vibrant color palette, which Abby orchestrated with perfection. This immaculate bouquet was drool worthy to say the least!

Here's Emir 2nd shooting with his new camera. He is lovin' it! :) (Does he make it look good, or what?)

What follows is a collection of some of my cute cousins who made an appearance yesterday.

*Note to family: I apologize in advance that I couldn't possibly post them all... so you guys will just have to log in and check em' all out to get the full scoop when they're ready for viewing!

This is my aunt Theresa with her granddaughter Alaina. (Theresa is the genius with needle and thread who made my beautiful wedding dress 2 years ago when Emir and I got married.)

Meet AJ. He's my cousin Jaime's youngest babe. Those blue eyes are the sweetest thing!

The weather was a dream come true... after all the rain we've had.... Tony and Abby's wedding day was heaven on earth!

Tony and his friends define the word 'loyalty.' I've always been impressed with the extent of their friendship and the way they respect and take care of each other. They are friends and 'brothers' in every sense of the word.

I love this photo!

Congratulations and much love to you both!