The Day After {Destination Wedding - Grenada}

The day after Annette + Brandon's wedding happened to be her dad's birthday. What better way to celebrate than with a 'day after' photo shoot followed by a BBQ on the beach? My sentiments exactly. :) Bring it! Annette's sister Karen was kind enough to drive us as we left on the winding road journey towards the opposite side of the island. We stopped along the way for photos while keeping pace to make it to the BBQ in a reasonable time. Everything worked out like a dream! The following are a *few* faves. :)


Heading over for this shot was when the rain started pouring down on us.... I grabbed a cover for my camera and we were right back at it!


This is La Carrinage area near the port in St. George... Hello!? Did somebody say British *red* phone booth!? Yes please! (I like to think that I didn't choose to attend the U of Wisconsin-Stevens Point based solely on the existence of the red British phone booth they had on their local 'Main Street,' but it did tilt the scales in their favor..... ;)


I spotted this from around the bend coming out of a hill and couldn't wait to capture the drama of such a scene!


Would you believe we arrived at the beach with time to spare!? We headed for the shore for some more photo fun....


Annette's family insisted that I put away the camera and join them for lunch.... but the scene was just too fun.... I couldn't resist a few more shots. I actually put away the camera and then went back to dig it out again several times because I just couldn't help it. I packed it up, but then I saw that Emir had buddied up with Reese to play in the sand. Then someone else would bust out laughing, so I'd reach for it again. :)


The best moment of them all was when I looked over and saw Len sitting so perfectly on the side of the boat....  I begged him not to move while I ran to the car to grab the camera yet again. Thanks for playing along Len! :)

destination-wedding-photographer_47Maybe we should start a new tradition where everyone has beach-side BBQ's the day after the wedding!? Anyone game!? :)