The One, the Only... The Denominator

This is Dominic. He belongs to my sister Gina and her husband Roy. He's lovingly referred to as 'The Dominator' by my brother Tony. I don't know if you've seen this sketch on Saturday Night Live about the 'Mom Translator,' but we could've benefited greatly from this gadget as kids. :) My mom often re-invented names (unintentionally) of everyone including my teachers, some friends, and even well-known sayings and expressions. So it didn't come as much surprise to discover that in mom-speak, 'The Dominator' eventually became 'The Denominator,'  as in.... the lower part of a fraction. Too funny!

Gina, Roy & The Denominator live in Eugene, Oregon and are currently here in town for the week. They came over just this morning so I could photograph Dom for the first time. Good times!


Still not too crazy about tummy time.... especially on a stark white surface! Ha! He was a good sport though!


Gina is building quite the collection of little baby leg-warmers. They certainly make diaper changing easier!


Ok.... this photo warrants an explanation. If you're looking carefully (you are, right!?) you notice my sister's hands holding The Denominator upright, right? :) Aren't you wondering where the rest of her is? Ha ha ha! No, I didn't 'photoshop' her out of the photo.... The image is 'as shot.'  The Dom is sitting on a table, and she's holding onto him while squatting underneath. He's not quite big enough to sit up on his own yet (only about 3 months), so I wouldn't normally do a shot like this, but he was so cute... and I won't see him again until Christmas.... so.... it's a shot with a pair of magical 'floating' hands in it. I kinda like it that way.... though. A mother's hands are kind of magical, aren't they? Always there when you need 'em.... magically healing every bump, scratch, and owieee. Makes perfect sense to me! Ha ha ha!


This shoot was also fun because I got to see how a baby photographs in our own home! I shot this on one of the sofas upstairs in our loft. The Dom was quite comfy in his lil' red onsie with matching stripped leg-warmers! Too cute! (Soooo Nebraska, don't you think?)


Love those toes!


Back on the other sofa.... mom and dad were waiting for him!


That's one happy boy! :)