Down the Aisle: Matthew + Amy

For the mercury to hover around 80 on a day in mid-July, you know something unusual is going on.... something quite special. :) Today was exactly that. Special. Not just because the weather was uh-maaa-zing.... but because these two people (who are clearly meant to be together), made each other a promise that they will spend the rest of their lives making good on. And that, my friends, is certainly something special. As a gift to mark this special and joyous occasion, Amy gave Matt a pocket watch. The coolest!


At the reception, Matt + Amy had their parents' and grandparents' wedding photos on display. I marveled at the refreshing simplicity of those images from an era where photography is barely recognizable compared to what it is today. Sometimes a simple and clean portrait is just what the doctor ordered. Classic. Timeless.  :)


I love the texture of this wooden box on the guest book table....


Interesting view of the ceremony...


Luvin' the short tuxedo outfit!


Onward with the tradition of a quick bar visit....


7-18-09. :) Too bad there's not a '0' ball!


Matt + Amy go together like ketchup and mustard! (with pretzels! Wait... am I alone on this one?)


The wedding party was up to some silliness...


More love bird shots.... :)


Look at all this reception beautification!


First dance at sunset.... how perfect is THAT!? :)

nebraska_wedding_photographer_14You did it you two! Congratulations and best wishes! :) (PS: Knobbe family.... so fab to see you all again! Big hugs all around!)