The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round...

I have been waiting for a couple who was game for a love shoot on a city bus! A few weeks ago, Randi & Carl showed up for their shoot.... with an open mind. The dialogue went something like this:

Me: Hi guys! What did you have in mind for your love shoot?

Them: Nothing specific.

Me: For real?????? Boy do I have an idea for YOU! :)

I know they thought I was completely bonkers when I first uttered the words: 'city bus' and 'engagement shoot' in the same sentence. But.... they decided to have a little faith... and... as I promised.... totally worth it!

We rode the bus for an hour around town. So much fun!

On long road trips, games like "thumb war" can be fun!

Not sure who won... but it looks like they're having a good time!

As a photographer, the bus shoot was a big challenge because:

1) You're moving (as in, literally, the bus is rolling down the street and making turns as only a bus can do). Better hold on tight!

2) The light is constantly changing. In the light, out of the light, back in th... wait... never mind...

3) Watching the world go by through a lens on a moving vehicle (especially a bus) has a tendency to induce nausea. Don't forget the Dramamine!

Part of the deal when I first convinced them to 'have a little faith,' was that I promised we wouldn't only take photos on the bus... so we hopped off and scored a few more. :)

Guys: THANK YOU so much for having a little faith and trusting me on this one! I LOVE your photos! Good luck with the international wedding planning.... I'm hoping to see you there! :)