Two Times the Fun!

These two cuties met up with me downtown for a shoot that was as much fun as it was a good workout! Ha! Chasing around twin toddlers is no easy feat... hats off to their amazing parents!

Trying to get both of 'em in the frame at the same time is challenging enough... when you start getting picky... (like say... having them both look ANYWHERE near the camera), it gets even tougher! Ha ha ha! I LOVE this shot!

This photo makes me smile.... what a little stinker! :)


The kids saw their first REAL train while we were shooting. I LOVE this. It's the quintessential pointing and shouting that seems to go along with the excitement of the age. I can't wait 'til Emir and I have our own kids to share all kinds of excitement with.... so fun!

Little people LOVE to reach out and grab for my lens....

They're not always happy to be in front of it though.... (I love shots like this!)

Thanks for the fun guys. Have a fantabulous summer!