Video Project: Orange City, CA

When I travel, one of my favorite things to do is connect with people. Our recent trip to Vegas and up the California coast gave us a number of opportunities to meet up with great people. In Orange City, we met up with the ever fabulous Kjerstin & Joel and together with the Bui Brothers, we spent the afternoon working on a special project for KaBloom. :) 88




Since we were shooting in "Orange City," I thought this was apropos.  :)



Vu and Lan workin' their movie magic....


They suggested we shoot in this field of clovers. Which meant, we had to search exhaustively for a 4-leaf specimen. Apparently the odds of finding one are 1 in 10,000.


Vu had Kjerstin & Joel's comfort in mind and brought along Shoot Sac sample swatches to give them a clean and cushy spot. (Sorry Jessica!)


I shot this photo because of the clover behind Joel's ear. Later I found out he didn't even know it was there. Very sneaky Kjerstin! :)



Here's Kjerstin giving me a wink before the Bui Brothers kicked Emir and I out suggested that Emir and I take a "romantic walk"  (away from the camera). :)


Thank you ALL so much! What a treat to bring so many incredible people together for an afternoon of fun, capped up with a yummy dinner! xoxo