Andrea + Shane

When Andrea heard that a guy from Nebraska (Nebraska!) was working at the same place she worked (in D.C. I believe....), she simply had to meet him. Who'd ever heard of anyone from Nebraska in those parts??? :) Apparently, Shane was quite the charmer because somehow, in that instant.... something clicked and they've been together ever since. Their travels have taken them around the east coast, overseas to Japan where they lived for nearly a year teaching English, and throughout southeast Asia. Roughly 3 years since their fateful meeting, their journey brought them here.... where they start their next adventure together as husband and wife. I had the honor of photographing Shane's family some time ago.... and to have the opportunity to spend such a special day with them and Andrea's family.... well... color me flattered!


Andrea's sister Melissa is a magician with needle and thread. She designed and sewed the dress herself... from scratch. I love to see the work of other artisans.... and can only imagine the love and thought that went into creating such a jewel for her sister on this occasion. Here she is tending to some last minute details before Andrea slips it on.


Melissa's son Lorenzo pays some special attention to his tie before making his entrance.


The crew were great sports with the wind and cold. Ladies, you deserve a medal!







I'm in love with this shot of Andrea and her dad!


The entertainment for the evening was the Mighty Nish Band (out of Omaha I believe....). They were exceptional!



You were all a dream to work with! Thank you SO much for the opportunity to witness two such wonderful famlies becoming one! Congrats to you all!