Holley: Horse Poop & All... Still Gorgeous!

Holley stopped over back in October to knock out the required yearbook photo.... and we saved the fun stuff until last week. :) How rockin' is this horse trailer shot? Totally worth schlucking gear through horse poop to create, don't cha think? :) lincoln_nebraska_senior_pictures_photographer_51lincoln_nebraska_senior_pictures_photographer_61

Dolled up and gorgeous!


Holley's horse, Lady, wasn't too fond of having us trying to tell her what to do. She went a bit nuts and gave Holley a ride for her money. This frame was captured before Lady figured out what we were up to.....


A girl and her truck..... I love the sticker on the back....


Double threat! Country cow-girl... and glamour starlet... all at the same time!


Nicely done Holley!