Down the Aisle: Aaron + Jen

Will it? Won't it? Yes? No? Maybe? It did. Then.. it didn't. Then, it did again. If rain means good luck on your wedding day, these two are set for life! :) Despite the rain and the eventual decision to move the ceremony indoors, Jen and Aaron were the epitome of positive thinkers who kept their chins up because they knew that at the end of the day, they'd be married. And that was really all that mattered. In the end, they got the best of both worlds... and gorgeous photos to boot. Here's proof that a surprise indoor ceremony can still rock your socks off! :)

Do you think Jen knows she's glowing with hollywood starletness?


Be-YOU-tiful Jen!


Vogue to the max! I can't decide which I like best of these two!?


Here's her hollywood leading man (who is also quite into photography and is a fellow artist/creative type!).   I love these two shots!


Gorgeous details...


The ceremony was performed by candlelight by a good friend of theirs... very extra special!


After the ceremony, Aaron and Jen took advantage of a break in the rain to pay tribute to some very special family members with a monarch release.


Family and loved ones were definitely with us in spirit! Here, one of the monarchs lands on Jen, where it stayed for quite some time.


The celebration included the vintage vocal talents of Michael Walker. He was phenomenal! (Check out his microphone!)


You did it you two! You pulled it off.... and it was absolutely sublime! Now you can relax and enjoy yourselves on your Euro whirlwind! Safe travels and bon voyage! ;)