Down the Aisle: Drew + Jamiee

When you want to go where everybody knows your name.... forget 'Cheers.' Head to Snyder. The small town charm was off the charts for Jamiee and Drew's wedding! Jamiee grew up in the house down the street from the church they were married at, across the street from her grandparents and only a stone's throw away from her elementary school. The family business is located behind the house... and just behind the business... is the reception hall. Everything you need, right in one spot! As we walked through the streets, residents were quick to honk their horns or even dash out their front door to say hello and give a wave (surely right before they joined us at the church for the ceremony!). I imagine that they've all enjoyed watching Jamiee grow up as life passed by on Oak Street. Today, it was one big, huge, happy family celebrating the beginning of Jamiee and Drew's next adventure!


Their wedding day was the 13th...


Incredible shoes deserve some camera love too!



Jamiee's family and friends did an amazing fantastic outrageous job of decorating the reception hall. It was truly transformed. Paper lanterns are always pho-tastic! :)


CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS and best wishes for a future where you can live, laugh and love... together forever!