Down the Aisle: Chad + Lindsay | Wedding Photographer Lincoln

Truly a gold medal performance! It was 30 degrees out, but from the looks of these two, you'd never know it! When I arrived at the church, I was curious to see what Lindsay's take would be on the whole weather situation. She walked right up to me and insisted, "We're still going outside!" Naturally, I was happy to oblige! wedding-photographer-lincoln-08wedding-photographer-lincoln-10wedding-photographer-lincoln-09

Chad actually carried Lindsay up a hill, over a barbed-wire fence and through a wet, soggy field for this shot. Incredible!


This was the point where fingers and toes were numb and it was time to head back.... :)


Remember Stanley? He made a surprise appearance just for this photo (he also was mentioned in the program. True love I tell ya!)


This book is a family heirloom bible. Too cool!


The reception was held at the Lincoln Country Club and featured cake by none other than the Lincoln Cake Lady, Donna Roehrs. Several different flavors were available, including apple-caramel! Hello!!!!???? Heavenly! (Note the fish vase below.... the groom cake featured a 'gone fishing' theme. Nothing like real live fish to add to the ambience! :)


Can you feel the energy in this photo? Kids are so fun to watch at receptions. I love it!




Touchdown! Goal! Score. You guys found each other and are now a family. That's the jackpot right there! Congrats to you both!!!