Down the Aisle: Dan + Lauren

A dream! Working with Lauren, Dan and their families was deliciously simple. So easy going, their day seemed to unfold effortlessly. Here are some quick faves! first_plymouth_wedding_photo_lincoln_ne_10first_plymouth_wedding_photo_lincoln_ne_04first_plymouth_wedding_photo_lincoln_ne_06first_plymouth_wedding_photo_lincoln_ne_01first_plymouth_wedding_photo_lincoln_ne_02first_plymouth_wedding_photo_lincoln_ne_16first_plymouth_wedding_photo_lincoln_ne_17first_plymouth_wedding_photo_lincoln_ne_15

A clock? I suppose that's a funny thing to photograph on a wedding day.... but I've always found them so telling. They mark a moment in time that has come and gone, never to pass again. When you think of it that way.... it's quite worthy of a photo... don't you think? :)


It's ceremony time!


It just so happened that their wedding was on the same day as the first Husker game of the season.... you know what that means! TV at the reception..... :) The celebration was held at Chez Hay (fantastic!) and just when I thought that cake couldn't look any more delicious, the catering staff brought out the chocolate covered strawberries to go with it. And that ladies and gentlemen, is how great got even better! :)


What a fantastic day... thank you for inviting me to share it with you!