Down the Aisle: Haifeng + Yuyan

Haifeng and Yuyan's big day was today! I had so much fun doing whatever I could to make their day as great as it could be. I especially enjoyed watching the way they mixed Chinese traditions with a touch of American flair.  All that... plus... their friends were hilarious and had me laughing the whole time. :) They were truly a delight. lincoln_nebraska_wedding_photographer_07

Here's Yuyan getting the royal beauty treatment from her friendly entourage.


While shooting this image I referred to this as a collection of 'tools.' A nearby friend laughed and corrected me.... referring to them as 'women's weapons!' Ha! I'm not much into weapons, but if I had to pick one.... yummy perfume would probably be my weapon of choice..... :)


Even a couple of the guys were on-hand in the bridal suite.  This gentleman put some finishing touches on the evening's play-list in the only quiet space he could find.... the restroom. :)


I'm. In. Love. With. This. One!


Yuyan was incredible. Among other things, she hand-painted these parasols for guests (to avoid the sun during the ceremony). Brilliant!


When I first met with Haifeng and Yuyan, I mentioned how much I love the symbolism of a sand-ceremony. They liked the idea of it too and decided to incorporate it into their ceremony. I asked them if they chose red and white sand to represent the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (where they first met), but they told me it was just coincidence.... Either way... pretty cool!


Too cute!

lincoln_nebraska_wedding_photographer_14lincoln_nebraska_wedding_photographer_10You make a darling couple, and I am so so so so thrilled you asked me to capture your day for you. I know how much your photos mean to you and your family (who were here in spirit, despite their geographical distance) and I am hopeful that these images make them smile and remind them that they're never really too far.... ;) Have a wonderful time in Puerto Rico!