Make it Snow! A FREE Toolkit for Photoshop

The other day, my work plans veered off-course and I ended up building this snow making toolkit, which turned out to be pretty rad, so I decided to share it. If you’ve ever wondered, “How can I add snow to my photos?” This kit is for you.

It has tons of flexibility for creating depth and realism with different snow effects separated by layers, each one a smart object with editable filtering applied.

And if that’s not enough, I’ve also included a snow brush so you can hand paint snow precisely how you want it. (Tutorial video included, naturally.)

Grab your free toolkit and add some winter delight to your photos now!

Coming Soon to CreativeLive

I've got several new courses in the works for CreativeLive! One is about working with Adobe Spark, another is about creating Stylized Portraits in Photoshop, and the third is about working with Adobe Stock in Illustrator.

Here are a few images from the different projects we'll be creating—I hope you'll join me and follow along! The courses will be broadcast live on Tuesday, September 25th, after which you'll find them among my others in the CreativeLive course catalog.

Creating a Facebook Timeline Cover

Have you seen Adobe's new SWAPP publication yet? (It's FREE and available here via iTunes.) Check out the 2nd issue (blue cover) for my quick video tutorial to learn how to make a Facebook Timeline Cover using a lightning fast combo of ID, PS, and BR! Don't have a tablet? Watch the tutorial video here on YouTube.