Straight Talk: Kjerstin & Joel Tell it Like it Is!

Back in February, Emir and I made a trip out west where we had the opportunity to connect with the ever fabulous Kjerstin & Joel as well as two radtastically great guys... the Bui Brothers. I wanted a way to show future (and potential future) clients what it's really like to work with me as your wedding photographer. What better way than to hear it straight from people who've been there, done that? :)

The Bui Brothers are real pros at capturing the client's side of the story. So easy to work with, and absolutely know their stuff. If you've seen their online presence, I have to tell you, they do not disappoint in person.... Thanks so much guys!

A  super special thank you to Kjerstin & Joel. You two are nothing short of treasure!

PS: This whole event came about through twitter, where I first met Lan and Vu Bui. We hit it off, and eventually got to break bread in California. How cool is THAT?  Two cheers for social media!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from the PhotoGirls!

Last year, we were all about our knee socks. This year, we happened to be getting together over St. Patty's Day, so naturally, we needed to do a time lapse video of us Irish dancing (albeit, a loose interpretation... we're open minded out here.....). Enjoy! stpattyphotogirls_0051

Meet the Crew (alphabetical order): Adrienne Maples, Brooke Mayo, Jena Murray, Kellie Kano, Melanie Litchfield (whitebox), Melissa Jill, Michele Waite, Rebecca Peters, Sara (whitebox), Stacey Kane, Tania Lezak... and of course, yours truly!


Photogirls St. Patrick's Day Jig 2009 from Tania Lezak on Vimeo

Josh & Hillary... Here's Hoping! :)

While driving up the Pacific Coast Highway, Emir and I had some fun with the video feature on our point-and-shoot camera. Nothing fancy, but.... still fun! A Wedding on the PCH? from Khara Plicanic on Vimeo.

Pacific Coast Highway from Khara Plicanic on Vimeo.

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